Welcome to Frakie!


Create Algorithmic Art and get it printed using Frakie.com

Frakie is the first Algorithmic Art Virtual Gallery.

Developers publish algorithms, users browse creations, and get printed copies on different supports.

Frakie is for users who want original, unique and customized pieces of art.
Frakie algorithms are created by developers for the users to experiment with.
On Frakie you can find lots of algorithm that you can tune playing with the algorithm’s parameters,
When you’re happy with some creation, you can order it printed on different supports, like T-shirts, sweatshirts,
blankets, caps, pillows, phone-cases, etc.

This is the first and only Algorithmic Art Gallery !

There’s a user guide in here: https://www.frakie.com/user-guide
and some more infor about the project in here: https://www.frakie.com/about-us