Frakie For Developers


Frakie hosts generative art algorithms written in Javascript and HTML that work on SVG.

If you have a piece of code that produces algorithmic art, and you want it displayed in,
just shoot us an e-mail ([email protected]) and we’ll give you a developer token for you to publish your algorithms.

General developer access to publishing algorithms in Frakie is still in development mode, since this has some serious security considerations (after all, your algorithm will run on our servers and some part in an IFRAME in the user’s computer, so we need to make sure you’re not mining bitcoin with these resources).

The vision is to be the world algorithmic art virtual gallery, so every developer will be able to publish their algorithm and get a fair share of the revenue, but this still needs to be sorted out.

We just want to note the Intellectual Property will be respected, and revenue will be fairly redistributed, but the details need to be sorted out with lawyers, since this is still in the very beginning.